2020 Running Races in Portugal

At Run in Portugal, we love showing Lisbon to travelers on our running tours, but we also love racing! We prefer trail of course, but we you can also find us at a few road races along the way. This year, we've already participated in two epic races: “Corrida Fim da Europa”, or, the End [...]

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6 Reasons To Book A Running Tour

As of 2020, there are nearly 170 running tour organizations listed on runningtours.net. While there are inevitably a few others out there not yet listed, the concept of a guided running tour has laid it stake across the globe. Whether you prefer road or trail, short or long distance, here are six reasons to consider [...]

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RunnerTours.net Blog

Share Your Running Tips and Stories With over 170 running tour organizations in our worldwide network, there are plenty of stories to be shared! This blog includes topics specific to running tours, tour organizations, races and other key events, and maybe even gear reviews from time to time.  All of these come from the experienced [...]

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10 Things To Consider When Purchasing A GPS Watch

With all the advances in technology over the past several years, chances are most runners carry with them some type of watch or device with GPS functionality. Apps like Strava and Map My Run allow runners to use their phone to track and guide them through their daily runs. The one critical flaw of using [...]

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How to Run Commute, by Pittsburgh Running Tours

Originally Published by pghrunningtours Edited by Brendon Voelker Whether you're braving the winter weather or summer heat, it's always a great time to consider run commuting. Here are a few things you need to know: Plan Ahead The first and most important step, planning ahead is the key to run-commuting. Assuming you work at an office, [...]

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Running Ibiza Tours | About Us

Welcome to Running Ibiza! Originally posted here. Edited by Brendon Voelker Why Running? Well, since I started running 15 years ago, it has shaped the person I am – both physically and mentally.  Running has given me friends, confidence, energy, the opportunity to help my community and workmates, a sense of accomplishment, different experiences & [...]

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