We are pleased to announce the start of this new online blog for Runningtours.Net, with topics specific to our running (tour) adventures and relevant to helping grow the concept worldwide. With almost 150 running tour organizations included in our worldwide network, we have plenty of stories we feel need to be shared! This blog will include topics specific to running tours, tour organizations, races and other key events, and maybe even gear reviews from time to time.

All affiliated running tour guides are welcome to submit content on this blog, and we highly encourage you to share this blog on your own individual running tour websites. Each running guide brings their own unique perspective to the table, and many of these organizations are spread across both countries and continents. No matter your background, age, race, or gender, we all have one passion – to show others why we live where we do, on a running tour!

The blog is coordinated by Brendon Voelker of White Dot Adventures, the first exclusive “Trail” Running Tour Company in the United States. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, he offers adventures ranging from 5k to 5ok and caters to all levels of runners – even those new to the sport. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to submit an idea for this blog, please email him at info@whitedotproductions.com.

Our Running Tour network is more than an overview of running tour organizations worldwide, which you can look up at our website. RunningTours.Net is also setup for the running tour guides to share our ideas, best practices and running tour news in our Facebook group – and now here on this blog

Our hope is to inspire you to travel to new destinations, meet fellow running tour guides, and build memories and relationships to last a lifetime.

Raoul Spronken

Founder | RunningTours.Net