Why RunningTours.Net?

We have created a platform where runners easily can find all about 200 active running tour organisations worldwide that are online.

At the same time we think RunningTours.Net will lead to a better promotion for the running tour concept and is a basis for a more intense cooperation between the running tour organisations.

The only requirements for running tour organisations to be listed is that you have a website and actively promote your running tours. Preferably also have a Tripadvisor account. In this way customers can check your reviews. RunningTours.Net is no way responsible for the excecution of the running tour. We will however remove Running Tour organisations from our website who haven’t done running tours for a long time or which receive bad reviews.

We have planned to add more functionalities to RunningTours.Net in the coming months for which we might need your input or cooperation.

Running Tour organisations who want to add or modify their listing or have suggestions for RunningTours.Net can send a mail to info@runningtours.net

For technical issues you can contact Noel via noel@runningtours.net

Who are behind RunningTours.Net?

RunningTours.Net is setup by Raoul Spronken and Noel Jaminon. We live in the Maastricht area (The Netherlands).

We are both running fanatics and have been running for the same Athletics club for many years. Our goal is to fill the need for a worldwide network for running tours organisations.

Raoul setup Maastricht Running Tours in 2011. Ever since I have done quite some running tours for individuals and groups in my own town. But I also took part in running tours in various other countries and I am touch with running guides in my country and abroad.

Noel has been working for several running races and has build various websites for a number of running organisations. Noel is the webmaster of RunningTours.Net.

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