The Difference between Running Tours and a Parkrun

Quite some of our customers didn’t do a running tour yet whereas they did or know about Parkruns.

On this page we explain the differences between both running experiences.

A Parkrun normally starts once a week on a Saturday. A City or Trail Running Tour can normally be done throughout the week.

On a Sightrunning tour you get to know the city as the guide show and explains you the (main) sights in the city. The distance varies and depends on your booking. Tours are between 4 and 16 kms. A Parkrun is always 5 kms. We do not use timing and most guides make some short stops for explanation and to make pics. The pace of the guide is the pace you like to run at.

It depends on your booking but your running tour guide can pick you up from your accommodation.

The running tour is nearly always a private tour with your guide. Most of them make pics during the run which are send to you after the tour. The Parkrun is a social run with a group of runners. A Parkrun is free whereas you have to pay for the experience with the local running guide.

To summarize the differences. When you want to get to know your destination and have unique running experience with a local guide choose for a running tour. When you just want to a run on a Saturday take part in the local Parkrun.