Frequently Asked Questions:

The marker with a figure indicate that in that are there are more than one Running Tour organisations in that region. Click on the marker and you’ll zoom in on that region.

When there is no number on the marker there is one Running Tour organisation for that region.

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The markers on the maps neither indicate the running tour office nor start the starting point of the tour. The running tour company will inform you where the running tour will start.

The red markers show the cities where running tour organisations can be found that focus on city running tours. Most of them also offer green or trail running tours.

The greenĀ markers link to running tour organisations which focus on trail running tours.

It is a guided sightseeing tour that takes place on the run, Jogging through the streets of a city or even on the trails. It is guided by an experienced local runner.

At this moment it is not possible to book a tour through You can select the running tour organisation of your choice on one of the three maps on the homepage. Check the reviews on Tripadvisor (when available) before you make a reservation.

It is advisable to make a reservation at least 48 hours before the start of the running tour. is not responsible for the execution of the running tour.

Not at all! MostĀ running tour organisations offerĀ various running tours. The guide adapts his pace to the runners on the tour. Most guides make several short stops on the tour for explanation. Check the distance, time and pace of the tours offered.